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10 Easy Self Care Activities for Adults

Jan 2023 | Health and Wellness

The new year is a time of renewal, a time to reflect and establish resolutions. There are many ways to show your body LOVE. Yet, too often, we forget to care for ourselves. How do you practice self care? A better question may be: do you practice self care? Self care activities can include reading a book, working on a puzzle, taking a walk, joining an exercise program, cooking, working with a dietitian or any hobby that brings you joy and satisfaction. That’s not all though – I compiled a list of 10 easy self care activities for adults that can be done in less than 30 minutes.

My Personal Favorite Self Care Activities for Adults

One of my favorite pastimes is cooking. As a child I would pretend to be Julia Childs and I would lead cooking sessions with my mother as my sous chef. This taught me the value of creating something and gave me great satisfaction. Let’s be real: my favorite part was enjoying the final product especially when it was a sweet treat. After being diagnosed with celiac disease, I learned my food choices play a significant role in my overall health. You can also make the choice to care of yourself by being aware of what you eat. After all, you are what you eat.

Here’s my personal self care routine check list. As you can see cooking is still my number one self care activity!


10 Fast and Easy Self Care Ideas

A book and hot tea are set on a bath tray, prepared to be enjoyed during a hot bath surrounded by candles and plants _ Self care activities for adults

5 easy self care ideas <30 minutes

1. Slowly drink a cup of tea of coffee

Set aside a few minutes to pick out your favorite warm beverage and brew or steep it. As it’s being made, take in the aroma. Notice the heat emanating from the cup. Breathe. Then once it’s time to drink, take your time. Sip slowly. Put your feet up or wrap yourself in a cozy blanket. Turn on some relaxing music. Make this time a special moment. After your cup is empty, you can move on to the tasks at hand.

2. Watch your favorite tv show or movie

There’s nothing like watching your favorite tv series or movie! If you only have a half hour of you-time, turn on the tv or computer and put on something that will relax you, make you laugh, or feed your brain. That 20-30 minutes might be your favorite time of the day.

3. Make your favorite meal or dessert

If you’re anything like me, you find cooking fun! Set aside 20-30 minutes each night to create a dish. You’ll rest easy knowing that not only did you participate in some self care time, but you also got nourishment.

4. Take a long bath or shower

I’m sure getting clean is on your daily to-do list anyways, but have you thought about making this a self care ritual? Use bath bombs, bubbles, or salts. Turn on your favorite playlist. Light a candle or two. Take some deep breaths in the steam of the hot water. Relax!

5. Turn off your phone for a bit

I know this one can be difficult. In today’s world it can hurt us to be unconnected… But sometimes, it can be just as beneficial. Choose a short amount of time to go phone-free and stick to it. This will allow your mind to release any worries or pressures from text messages, emails or social media. Plus, you will be required to find something phone-free to do, which could possibly let you explore more interests you’d otherwise ignore.

A glass of water on a wooden table _ Self care activities for adults

5 easy self care ideas in <5 minutes

1. Intentionally drink a glass of water

Water is one of the simplest self care tools you have at your disposal. This quote from Harvard News says it all,

“Drinking enough water each day is crucial for many reasons: to regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly. Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood.”

So yes, you should be drinking water throughout the day and make sure to get around 8 cups – especially in winter! To intentionally drink water, take a moment to slowly sip and savor each gulp knowing that you’re hydrating your body and gaining all the benefits listed above.

2. Dance to your favorite song

Give yourself 3 minutes of uninterrupted you-time! Use this as a chance to have fun and be silly or release any pent up emotions.

3. Donate to a cause you care about

I’m sure there’s a certain charity that tugs at your heart strings or a cause that you stand strongly behind. Donate your time or money to it! Most donations can be made online nowadays, making it a quick act of self care. Why is it considered self care? The benefits of donating have been well-researched. Giving increases serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, helping you feel happier and more connected with others.

4. Put on an outfit that makes you feel good

Have you ever heard the statement, “Dress for the job you want”? I’m going to argue we can extend that sentiment a bit further and “Dress for the way you want to feel”. If you feel good about the way you look in the mirror, you will most likely act more confident and feel better about yourself overall. It’s a simple self care hack that can make a huge impact.

5. Take some deep breaths

This self care activity is fast, easy, and 100% free. Pause and take some deep breaths. We all need to slow down a bit and this helps.

If you’re finding yourself in need of some self care, but you aren’t sure what to do and you honestly don’t feel like you have much time, pick one of these 10 easy self care activities for adults and you’ll quickly feel better!

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