Reviews from real functional nutrition clients
Kind, conscientious, and professional treatment

“In 2013, I consulted with Emily regarding my three year old who had a very sensitive stomach. This problem had been long-standing and the pediatrician was unable to identify the cause. Emily approached the problem by isolating food groups and observing my child’s complaints. Emily’s winning personality, her ability to interact with both my child and me, and her practical approach to a confusing food issue resulted in a happy healthy child. Thank you, Emily, for your kind, conscientious, and professional treatment.”


I love working with Emily! It is like having a good friend who knows tons about nutrition

“I value the following traits Emily brings to our consultations:
1. Amazing recall: she remembers more than I do about my ‘issues’ and the approaches we have tried
2. Very strategic: she starts by addressing the most obvious solution first and changes no more than one thing at a time so the cause and effect can be isolated.
3. Breadth of knowledge: she seems to be very familiar with traditional supplements as well alternative therapy supported by research
4. Great follow-up: always punctual and delivers what she promises
5. Totally invested in my success”


Lucky to have you as my nutritionist

“I’m deeply grateful to you for the valuable information you gave me regarding my health and lifestyle issues. And thank you for your summary of the main points that you addressed. I’m indeed lucky to have you as my nutritionist. And thank you for being so generous with your time and allowing me to ask follow up questions. Your information was so clearly presented that I doubt if I will have any.”


She transformed my family’s relationship with food

“My daughter was referred to Emily Luxford by her pediatrician for anorexia. Emily was a blessing to our family. She worked closely with my daughter and my daughter’s therapist to help her overcome her eating disorder but she also transformed my family’s relationship with food. Her step by step intuitive eating practice taught all of us how to eat mindfully. Emily is one of a kind nutritionist.”


She listens to the struggles…and never judges me

“Emily is incredibly compassionate and supportive. She listens to the struggles I have had related to food and never judges me. There is no pressure to have weight loss surgery or make drastic lifestyle changes. Emily is smart, knowledgeable, and creative in finding what works for me in my current situation. She is always very professional, and she maintains a great sense of humor. Emily has made it possible for me to make progress on overcoming one of the biggest challenges in my life. ”


I couldn’t recommend [Emily] more highly

“I have a multi-layered and very complicated health history. My doctor informed me that I needed to gain weight. Not only did Emily take time to listen to my health history and ask questions, but she had also gone through my medical records and most recent test results and she had done research on a rare medication. I was completely blown away by her professionalism and kindness. I walked away from my first appointment feeling empowered and hopeful. Most importantly, she gave me confidence that if I made some simple changes I would start feeling better. Thanks to Emily’s support, I no longer have the unpleasant symptoms that come from being underweight. Emily embodies that perfect combo of expertise and compassion that drives successful health outcomes. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”


I am 100% satisfied with the results I achieved under her care

“Emily Luxford was referred to me to manage my weight reduction in preparation for knee replacement surgery and quality of life improvement. Emily was very professional and able to relate to my needs and tailor her program to meet my particular needs. Emily is an excellent communicator and has the ability to make the client feel at ease and open to suggestion. I was able to modify my lifestyle and outlook to begin a successful weight management program. Emily has a great sense of humor and the ability to read her clients to successfully tailor a program that will benefit their particular goal. I have the utmost confidence in Emily and her ability and I am 100% satisfied with the results I achieved under her care.”


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