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Your #1 Potato This Holiday

Nov 2020 | Health and Wellness, Recipes

As many of you know, I regularly assign goals or homework assignments to my clients. These small challenges help them implement long lasting changes that improve the trajectory of their health status.

Recently, one of my clients decided it was time for her to give me an assignment. She had received an email regarding purple sweet potatoes and assigned me the task of making a purple sweet potato pie. I jumped at this opportunity because I love to bake and try new foods, especially when the new food is a bundle of nutrition. Did you know the purple sweet potato has the same antioxidants as blueberries? Unlike the standard potato, purple sweet potatoes are a low glycemic index food. This may be confusing to some because the name suggests it is sweet. Well, sweet potatoes are not part of the potato family. This root vegetable is in its own category. Besides being nutrient rich, the best news is California is the second largest producer of this vegetable. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s celebrate this month’s holiday with a hidden California gem. I’ve shared Frieda’s specialty produce purple sweet potato pie recipe. See the link below. This will add an unexpected color to your table this year. For more ideas, go to Frieda’s specialty produce to find additional recipes that showcase the purple sweet potato.

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