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Do I have celiac disease? Quiz and Symptom List

May 2023 | Autoimmune Disorders, Health and Wellness

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As a champion of Celiac Disease Awareness month, I want to make it easy for you and your loved ones to test for celiac disease. Celiac disease may present in a variety of ways. Like other autoimmune conditions, celiac disease has a host of symptoms. This can make it difficult to diagnose, especially when the individual does not present with digestive symptoms or does not have a family member with a diagnosis. In these cases if celiac disease is left undiagnosed and/or untreated it can result in a variety of complications. It may put the person at risk for health issues including other autoimmune conditions and even cancer. So if you’re wondering, “Do I have celiac disease?”, keep reading for my personalized quiz and symptom list.

Celiac Disease Symptoms

If you frequently experience one or more of the symptoms listed below or have been diagnosed with any one of the following conditions, it might be an indicator that you have celiac disease. If you do not experience any of these symptoms but have a family member who has been diagnosed with celiac disease, it is important to test yourself and encourage other family members to complete testing.

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Did you know that you are 15 times more likely to have it if you have a direct family member with celiac disease?

Did you know that you can have celiac disease and be asymptomatic?

Did you know that you can have celiac disease and not have gastrointestinal discomfort or dysfunction?

Well, now you do! With this information in mind, you can use the symptom checklist as a tool to help you take care of yourself and/or family members. However, this symptom checklist should not cause alarm or result in a gluten free diet. This checklist should serve as a note to take to your physician or dietitian. They can utilize this information to direct you to proper blood testing and, if warranted, intestinal biopsy.

Important Note

Please note that maintaining a diet with gluten is essential for accurate test results. Do not change your diet until adequate testing has been completed. Additional testing such as genetic testing can also be useful in narrowing the potential cause of your symptoms or the possibility of celiac disease when you have a family member who has celiac disease.

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Celiac Disease Symptom List

Here are just a few of the common symptoms of celiac disease.

  • Bloating and gas
  • Abdominal pain
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Loose or bulky stools
  • Discolored teeth or enamel loss
  • Missed menstrual periods

Celiac Disease Quiz

If you’d like a more complete listing and personalized quiz results, scroll through the celiac disease quiz form below or click here to complete the symptom checklist on a new page and learn the next steps by a registered dietitian who specializes in celiac disease. Emily will respond to the form submission with insights and a personalized review.

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Take this quiz to assess if your health problems are stemming from celiac disease. Despite popular belief, digestive issues are not the only symptoms of celiac disease. Let me review where you’re at and provide personalized feedback.

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