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4 Pillars of a Gluten Free Lifestyle (that won’t break the bank)

Sep 2020 | Health and Wellness

1. Shop the perimeter of the supermarket. These items (fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, and dairy) are naturally gluten free. There is no mark up for labeling them as such!

2. Sign up for coupons through gluten free product manufacturers or non-profit organizations. Purchase your gluten free products in bulk. Over time, this will yield BIG savings.

3. Get in the kitchen! Baking gluten free can often feel like a science experiment as you learn how to mix gluten free grains together to yield the perfect bread loaf or cookie. Once you get it right, baking at home will save you a lot of money. The good news is you can bake and store these foods in the freezer for 2 to 3 months.

4. Shop around for the best prices. With the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become more accustomed to shopping online. You can order gluten free products from various sources without wasting your time driving from one store to the next. A little research before shopping will yield cost savings (and time savings) for weeks to come.

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